It should come to no surprise to you guys that we love our Gmail here at AndroidCentral. Though it is certainly limited in some aspects, the potential and ongoing improvements is why we stick with it. So imagine our delight when we heard from FORTUNE that T-Mobile may be considering giving free G-Mail to G1 users? Meaning, no data plan necessary. Yeah, crazy right? A carrier offering something to their customers for free, hah!
But in a way, it kind of makes sense. We know that Gmail will be heavily integrated to Android (in fact, it looks like Android will require a Gmail account) and that having more users using Gmail means more eyes looking at Gmail's ads which means more money for Google, so it's not completely far-fetched.
But T-Mobile offering free Gmail to Android users when they charge $15 a month for the same feature to access e-mail on a Blackberry would seem like they'll lose out on money from in-house (Blackberry) switchers to Android. So mark this up as something that will more likely stay rumor than anything else. Money does make the world go around.
But then again..T-Mobile does need something daring like this to boost their customer base. We'll see in a few hours!

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