Chrome Beta For Android Update Bumped To v32

If you're running the Chrome Beta on your Android device, prepare for an update. Chrome v32 is rolling out to the Play Store, and it includes a few improvements and fixes. Being a beta, there are also some known issues to be aware of. 
2013-11-21 15.29.23
Here's the good stuff from Chrome 32 for Android:
  • Application shortcuts: Ability to add shortcuts to home screen is back
  • Vibration API: An API that allows web apps to make devices vibrate
  • 285066: Reenabled canvas anti-aliasing
And the not so good:
  • 319983: Lots of background color when scrolling up and down on pages
  • 320094: [M32/M33] Double tap drag zoom gets stuck sometimes
  • Some known crashes
If you want to try the Chrome Beta, use the link below as it won't show up in searches. There are usually a few bugs like the ones listed above, but you get new features before the stable channel.รน

Chrome Beta

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