Get those browsers warmed up, collectors: the fourth series of Dead Zebra's increasingly zany selection of Android figures is now on sale. You can pick up the new toys from the Dead Zebra web store, and hurry, since they tend to run out of initial stock in less than one day. There are 14 new figures, including ninjas, fishermen, a gold-plated Bugdroid, and more.
Android_S4_gold-34A Android_S4_Astronomiton-FrontA Android_S4_WeeNinja-34A
Android_S4_2x2-34A Android_S4_caveman-34A Android_S4_coredump-34A
Android_S4_dicktator-FrontA Android_S4_Fisherman-34A Android_S4_flipmode-34A
Android_S4_Stresstech-34A Android_S4_trackstar-34A Android_S4_yellow-34A
Individual blind boxes are $8.50, and cases of 16 cost $132. Purchases are limited to two cases of 16 individually-packaged and obscured figures per household. If you miss the initial drop this morning, there will be another re-stock on the website at 11 P.M. Eastern, 8 P.M. Pacific. Once they're gone, you'll have to wait for periodic re-stocks or hunt for the Android figures at your local hobby or enthusiast store. The figures will ship out in a few days.
AF_Sock_FullGreen_800__50256.1385501216.500.375 AF_Sock_FullGreen_leg_800__27700.1385411432.500.375 AF_Sock_Grid_800__94532.1385501299.500.375
If toys aren't your thing and you prefer a more personal way to show off your platform devotion, the Dead Zebra shop has two varieties of Android socks as well. You can take your pick from a full green sock with a Bugdroid peeking out over your high-tops, or a more traditional black sock with an Android logo pattern (for the investor meeting on your app proposal). Each pattern costs $8.50 for a pair. If they go out of stock, They may go back on sale later today.

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