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Looking to kill a few more hours on your phone this afternoon? Porters / remasterers of all things classic DotEmu have released the follow-up to R-Type, R-Type 2, on the Play Store for just a buck ninety-nine today, and it's got all the 256-color sidescrolling space shooter action you could possibly want.
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The game ships with the same 6 levels, various weapons, power-ups, and attachments of the original, and you can even choose to enable improved graphics using filter and scanline options in the settings if the fully-pixelated experience doesn't do it for you. New features include difficulty settings, with the easiest mode offering unlimited lives, a normal mode, and a much more intense "insane" mode. You can choose two different control modes, enable auto-fire, switch to full screen, and unlock up to 11 Google Play Games achievements.
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The game is also compatible with a suite of physical controllers, including MoGAs full lineup, NVIDIA Shield, MOJO, Xperia Play, and more. Tablets are also supported.
Head over to Google Play to pick it up now.
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by DotEmu
500 - 1,000 downloads

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