Download game apk Flappy Bird most addiction on the planet after it has been deleted

Game Flappy Bird gripping Android phones and Mtorha harvested 50 thousand dollars a day
Swept game Flappy Bird Android users and devices have caused cases of addiction real Ejreboha many of those who , since the arrival of the game to the PlayStation store Google last month. Where won the game a few days later put on more than ten million download, and Pat friends competing in assembling the largest number of points in it.

What surprised observers and analysts , is that this game is as simple as possible , Valrsomyat very simple , and the idea of ​​the game developed by developer Vietnamese only one simple too, which relies game to recognize the screen to control the degree of high jumper who should shave without collide with any of the pipe in the next in the face. Recognize the one on the screen is enough to raise a little bird , and the more clicks increasingly high jumper to the top , and if you stop declining until the bird drops . Skill lies in the deliberate clicking amounts to allow the bird traffic between the pipe without hitting them , and only on the player to repeat the game from the beginning.

Despite the simplicity of the game but it is difficult and creates a bit of a challenge that pushes the player to try the experiment again and again . This game is simple in appearance to become a fever swept through smartphones, according to CNN, one of the families has summoned the cleric to expel what they thought an evil spirit , especially in a game Talpst family members addicted to the game.
Other reports said that the developer of the game ( completely free ) now gets a day to 50 thousand dollars of the profits from the ads that appear inside the game . The game Flppy Bird makes us think that the game is successful does not necessarily mean the game huge , complex and dazzling in terms of graphics , but the simple ideas are sometimes the most successful .


  1. I tried this at a friend's recommendation. It was uninstalled within 5 minutes.


  2. The popularity is definitely based on the psychology of determination; Us humans are stubborn things, and damn everything if we can't manage to get some pudgy ass "bird" with a flight problem through a pair of pipes.


  3. The human brain amazes me. Do you guys remember the helicopter game? Everything goes round in circles.


  4. The helicopter game as exactly what popped into my mind too. I hate to admit it, but I love this type of game. It's not going to replace my xbox of course, but when you wanna quickly open up a game and have a couple of attempts at it without any real time investment, this kind of game is perfect.


  5. This game seems about right for the maximum intelligence of iPhone users.


    1. I hate this mindset... People who use iPhones aren't inherently unintelligent. Tons of incredibly intelligent people use them.

      I know your comment was probably sarcasm but I know and have seen so many Android users think they are "better" in some way than iPhone users solely because they chose a different OS.


    2. Actually, go cry in a corner. An iCorner


  6. I completely agree. Most of my techie and intelligent friends use iPhones as much as other tech. One thing I've said about android and ios is this:

    "Androids are dumb phones used by smart people. IPhones are smart phones used by dumb people".

    What I mean is that android isn't exactly a refined and intuitive system, so in order to get a certain level of use out of it, you have to be "smart" and tinker with it. iOS, by contrast, doesn't need tinkering and so one can just let it do most things for you.

  7. http://andrways.blogspot.com/2014/02/game-oiseau-maladroit-clumsy-bird.html

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