There are no shortage of dedicated news apps available in the Play Store, but the Google News mobile site is about to get a revamp for all the people who rely on it to get their daily fix. With the update, the aging website will finally make the jump into the post-Ice Cream Sandwich era of Android.
The new site will have both a light and dark theme, and readers will be able to change the size of the story cards and the text inside them. Clicking on the icon in the top left will present a list of available sections, just as you would expect from an app. In short, the updated site will look - and perhaps function - much better than it does now.
Some features have transitioned from the desktop version of the site, such as a weather gadget in the Local section, the "Editors Picks" option, and the appearance of relevant Google+ posts in the list of articles.
The change will occur over the next few days, and it will launch in the US first before rolling out to users elsewhere.
Source: Google

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