2013-12-10 13_58_18-Nexus 7 Folio (Bright Red) - Devices on Google Play

Google is already selling zip-up sleeves and some stylish cases for the Nexus 7, but now you can add the new folio case to the list. This is essentially a bumper case with a front flap that can fold back and be used as a stand. It actually looks pretty neat.
The folio case comes in black and bright red, just like the Nexus 5 bumper. Unlike the N5 bumper, this is more of a bumper design with the back of the N7 exposed. In fact, the URL calls the case a "folio bumper." The buttons on the N7 folio appear to be separate pieces, not the mushy plastic buttons from the N5 bumper. 
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This is a pricey case, but might be a good option if you need something with a stand built-in. It ships in 1-2 days if you're interested.

[Nexus 7 Folio: Black, Red]

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