Update: Despite allegedly increasing the number of devices available through the promo, all the spots are already gone. It took under 10 minutes. There are going to be a lot of unhappy folks out there, but there's another slot open next Monday.
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Original post: Things didn't go super-well for Motorola on Cyber Monday – it turns out people really like getting $150 off a full-price phone and pretty much crushed Motorola's website on Monday. To make up for it, the company announced two more sale days, today and next Monday. It's first come, first serve and limited quantities are available each day.
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If you want in on the deal, head to the Motorola Holiday Sale page and register for the promo. You will get a code in your email that is valid for one week, so you've got time to decide exactly how to proceed. Keep in mind this is only for the Moto Maker version of the device for the big four carriers – the developer edition phone was not subject to the website issues on Monday and sold out. The cost of the off-contract devices will work out to $349 for the 16GB and $399 for the 32GB. The promo code THANKS from Black Friday is still valid for 30% off accessories too.
The promo code approach is probably designed to spread out purchases and ease the strain on the Moto maker site. Still, you probably want to snag the code early. Good luck.
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