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Just in case you didn't see this in our enormous Black Friday deal roundup, we thought the discount on NVIDIA's SHIELD gaming device was worth highlighting all on its own. Today you can score the SHIELD for just $250, $50 off its retail price, plus some free goodies that shift based on which retailer you buy from.
The official NVIDIA SHIELD store has the device for an even $249, plus a free SHIELD T-shirt, a free first-party NVIDIA case ($40 on NVIDIA's store), and free standard shipping. Newegg has the SHIELD, a free case, free T-shirt, free standard shipping, and two months of Hulu Plus service for $249.99. Gamestop offers the SHIELD for $249.99 with no case or free shipping, but you can score a free $25 Google Play Gift card. Finally, if you just hate the idea of getting free stuff, Amazon has the SHIELD alone for $249.99 with Prime-eligible shipping.
Considering its Tegra 4 hardware and capabilities, the SHIELD is already a good price at $300, assuming you want a high-powered, Android-exclusive gaming device. If you've got a desktop gaming PC with an NVIDIA graphics card you've got even more options thanks to the PC game streaming prowess. Also remember that the SHIELD was recently updated to Android 4.3, complete with control mapping and an Apps2SD feature.
All of these deals are likely to disappear after today. Stock may be limited to what the retailers have allocated, but with four options, you should be able to get that $50 discount at the very least.
SHIELD deals:

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