Much of the commerce that takes place on the web goes through PayPal, so if you're accessing the service from a mobile device, you should take extra precautions to secure your account. With the latest version, you can now link your phone to your account so that the service can better verify that you are indeed the person trying to access it. The app has a new SMS permission that is necessary to link up your number.
What's new:
  • Boost your security. Link your phone so we can make absolutely sure it belongs to you. The new permission (send SMS messages) is how you link your phone.
  • PayPal Extras MasterCard®, eBay MasterCard®, and PayPal Smart Connect customers! Now you can see your available credit in your Wallet
  • We’re always finding and fixing bugs. If you catch one, let us know at
  • We put ourselves on a diet to reduce the size of our app
The update also lets PayPal Extra MasterCard, eBay MasterCard, and PayPal Smart Connect customers view their available credit with the Wallet section of the PayPal app. This may not affect everyone, but if you have one of those cards, enjoy.
The update also brings in bug fixes and a reduced file size. Nothing to complain about there.
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