Nexus7OfferChristmas is fast approaching, and if you were already considering picking up a Nexus 7 for a special someone, Google's offering a little something extra to sweeten the deal. For a limited time, both 16GB and 32GB Nexus 7s purchased from the Play Store will come with $25 in Google Play credit. That's not as appealing as saving $30 off a device, especially once taxes are taken into account, but it's still a nice way to fill a new purchase with content. How entertaining is a tablet with no additional apps, games, and other goodies, after all?
The offer expires on March 31st, so Christ
mas isn't the only holiday targeted here. I'm sure a lover would love to receive a Nexus 7 on Valentine's Day, and Google's doing its part to make that happen.
Customers will receive their Google Play credit in an email sent after the purchase is finalized, and it must be added to a Google Wallet account before the deal's expiration date. The tablet will also come with free shipping, though that part of the deal isn't new. A link to buy the Nexus 7 is available below. Enjoy.
Source: Google+

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