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Samsung isn't saying exactly how many Galaxy Gears have been sold, just that it shipped 800,000. The Qualcomm Toq is going to be a much more limited in scope. Qualcomm is only going to make about 100,000 and now is your chance to get one. Yes, as promised, the Toq is on sale direct from Qualcomm starting today. 

The Toq will be $50 more expensive than the Galaxy Gear at $349.99. However, it will work with any Android device running 4.0.3 or higher (Jelly Bean or KitKat recommended) to display notifications on its Mirasol screen. This unique display is probably the reason for the inflated price and limited run. Mirasol is a technology Qualcomm has been working on and demoing for years. It's a type of reflective display that can conserve power by only refreshing when needed, like an e-ink panel. The difference is that it can display colors and refresh fast enough to act like a normal screen while still being sunlight-readable. Check out our hands-on.
TOQ-watch-front-black-350x350 TOQ-watch-left-black-350x350
Toq_Black3qrtr_Blossom350x350 TOQ-watch-back-black-350x350 TOQ-wireless-charger-black-watch-350x350
Qualcomm is making a white and a black version of the Toq, but only the black is available at this time. The initial batch is all going to pre-orders, but new orders placed today will go out in 1-2 weeks. It comes with a wireless charging dock (it's not Qi-compatible) and a separate cable. There's going to be some developer tools for the Toq, but the low volume means it won't be a huge platform for apps. Still, multi-day battery life would be sweet.

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