One of the most consistently awesome games on Android is The Room. However, once you've beaten it there isn't much replay value in solving the same puzzles again. Well, clear your schedule – The Room 2 is now available in Google Play.
The Room 2 presents you with a a series of beautiful 3D environments that you must explore to solve the puzzles left by a mysterious scientist known only as "AS." The design of the game makes it easy to start playing – just tap on things, zoom in, rotate knobs, and so on. Just like the original, the visuals look wonderful and detailed. The Room Two is absolutely brimming with style.
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This game is a 279MB download and should run on most devices. The Room Two also adds Google Play Games cloud saving so you can play on multiple devices. This title is quickly accumulating 5-star reviews, so the $2.99 price tag shouldn't be a barrier to entry.
The Room Two
The Room Two
1,469 ratings
by Fireproof Games
1,000 - 5,000 downloads

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