The impending release of the Google Now Launcher (GNL) presents a bit of a dilemma. The cool Google Now integration isn't possible with third-party launchers, but GNL doesn't have many customization options. If you're rooted, there is at least one way to get around that – the new Xposed GEL Settings, which as you can tell from the name, requires the Xposed Framework.
Xposed GEL Settings adds a number of useful features to GNL (remember it used to be known as the Google Experience Launcher). This is still an early release, but here's what it can already do.
  • hide Google search bar / automatically show search bar on Google Now
  • hide apps from the app drawer
  • resize the home screen grid
  • change the number of hotseat apps (icons above the navigation bar)
  • hide icon labels on home screen and/or on app drawer
  • apply settings without rebooting your device
  • The developer, who has posted this mod on XDA, plans to add more features as he gets requests. Coming soon are export/import settings, changing the color/size of the icon labels, hiding the page indicator, and more. Keep in mind messing around with Xposed modules can cause some instability, and root in general makes it easier to break things. The full details are available at the link below. Use your best judgment and have fun.

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