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The G1's Unique Hinge

Looking at the early pre-release drawings, leaks, and renderings of the T-Mobile G1, there was a funny little question amongst us "hinge nerds." The rail between the screen and the keyboard was curved -- why was that, doesn't the screen just slide straight up?
No. The screen slides to the left and up on a curved track. Why is this cool? It means you can give it a little push with your right-hand thumb to slide the screen up -- just push to the left and up slightly and out comes the screen. Like the unlock feature we just mentioned, it's a subtle and elegant difference from your standard smartphone.
There are a lot of little touches of grace and elegance inside this G1, we can't wait to get one in our hands to find them all.

Android's Unique Unlocking Feature

Talk about elegant and secure: Android and the G1 have a unique unlocking feature. Instead of tapping in a security code, you draw a pre-set pattern on the screen, see the image above to see what we mean. This is a great feature -- you can quickly unlock the screen without having to compromise having all your data securely stored behind a "password."
What other surprises are are in store for today?

HTC Gives More Detailed Specs on the G1

HTC's page on the G1 is now posted and, boy oh boy, is it detailed. Check it out. Details on top of details:
  • 256MB ROM / 192MB RAM (The ROM is for Storage, the RAM is for running programs)
  • 4.60 in x 2.16 in x 0.62 in
  • 5.57 ounces
  • 3.2 inch 320 x 480 Touchscreen
  • Radio Bands: Quad Edge, on the US the bands are 1700/2100, in Europe it's 2100. In other words, if you do manage to unlock it, it won't do 3G on AT&T, only on T-Mobile.
  • Trackball
  • Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, HTCs Funny ExtUSB connector for Headphones. This is a bummer, no 3.5 mm headset jack.
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • 1150 mAh battery, sort of small, but supports 350 minutes of talk time
  • MicroSD for expansion
  • Accelerometer as a motion sensor and "digital compass"
  • GPS

T-Mobile G1 Website is LIVE

We already mentioned that T-Mobile customers can pre-order the G1 now, but there's a lot more to the G1 website up now. Check out the specs page for good information:

Pre-Order the T-Mobile G1: Oct 22nd, $179.

We've just received word that any minute now you'll able to pre-order the T-Mobile G1:
Starting today, T-Mobile customers can pre-order the T-Mobile G1 at Beginning October 22nd, the device will be available at select T-Mobile retail stores for a $179 with a two-year voice and data agreement. In addition, the T-Mobile G1 will also be available in the United Kingdom beginning in November, and across Europe in the first quarter of 2009. Countries include Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.
Right now is pointing back to the live feed, but we expect that should switch over any minute now. Update: Go Get it, T-Mobile Customers, but the rest of us have to wait.
$179.99 is definitely cheaper than we had expected. It's too bad that it's going to be locked to T-Mobile and a contract, but it's not surprising.

Also, it's nice to see that the US is finally beating Europe on getting HTC hardware!

T-Mobile G1 Launch: Meta Live Blog

Looking to get all the updates for the launch of the G1 in a single place? We're following a bunch of sites, namely: Engadget, Gizmodo, Android Community, BGR, and of course the live feed. We're going to collate all the news after the break. Stay tuned, we're starting at 10:30 EST!

New Updates at the top!

11:15: That's it, everybody!

11:14: Joint Photo Time.
11:12: The speed difference on a web search between a laptop and a phone is still pretty big. But being able to do it on a phone as quickly is a really really big thing. Gosh, Google is excited about search, what a surprise!
11:11: 3 Billion mobile phones, a billion more per year. The G1 is as good a computer as what you had a few years ago. Think about what that means for what the internet is.
11:10: Literally rollerbladed in. They're geeks, like tinkering with things. Has one there. First application he wrote is you can throw the phone in the air and it measures how long it stays in the air. Heh.

11:09: Larry Page and Sergei Brin surprise us on stage!
11:08: Supports AAC, WMA, MP3, not iTunes DRM though. Skype... not yet. It's a dual-band UMTS, Quad-Band EDGE so it will work worldwide.
11:07: Joel Evans of Why not focus more on GMail? What's the client like?
Robust Gmail -- same threading, archiving, labels, search, it's very fast. A pretty good GMail on a small platform. Email services integrated through a gmail-powered front-end, but still can work with others.
ONLINE presence within phonebook! Google Talk (i.e. see people's available, away, etc)
11:06: Who is the target demographic?
Mass appeal, something for everybody. Expect it to be more consumer than enterprise.
11:05: does it use Chrome browser?
Nope... uses webkit, though. Think of it as "chrome lite." Hm..
11:05: Matt Miller, ZDNet: more on the sync, how does that work? Bluetooth A2DP, Keyboard?
Syncs well with Google, does IM with others. Supports Handsfree bluetooth, but nothing else (yet)
11:04: Marketing?
Google and T-Mo have developed an integrated marketing plan. TV, Channels, etc. Will be marketed starting in october, biggest ever for T-Mo.
11:03: SIM-lock again. What's the deal with that? Do you expect there will be an unlock fight like there was with the iPhone?
There's no guarantees with Technology. Worth noting that $179 is an attractive price (um)... but can't obviously address the question.
11:02: desktop for syncing picture, info?
Nope, not initially. All the sync happens on the backend with the network.
11:02: Any PUSH email at all?
Gmail is PUSH. IMAP is pull
11:02: support for MS office files, MS Exchange, SIM-Locked to T-Mo?
Read word docs, pdf, excel. No exchange compat, but a 3rd party developer will allow that to happen. They really think that 3rd parties will allow it. Will be sim-locked to T-Mo (so it's MOSTLY open)
11:01: Will this function as a tethered modem? Can you just get the data plan. All-in-one device, not a tethered modem. Data plan will require a voice plan.
11:00: HTC wanted to be on this launch because of long-standing partnership with T-Mo and Google. 2, wanted to make mobile internet a reality, 3rd is HTC's leadership in innovation.
10:59: Open sourcing the entire platform. Pretty focused roadmap, going broader with more features and functionality.
10:58: In Europe (bigger market). UK in early Nov, across europe Q1 2009.
10:58: 3G on T-Mobile. Up live now in 16 markets, by Oct 22nd they'll be live in 22. By mid-Nov they'll be in 27 markets, about 80% of their customers, all the major US markets.
10:57: $179!! One Seventy Nine! T-Mo customers can order over the internet NOW, will ship when it's available. Available Oct 22nd. Very cheap!! $25 for unlimited web and internet and some messaging. $35 for unlimited EVERYTHING (except voice).
10:56: Brodman is done. It's Question and Answer time. How SWEET that they're willing to do an open Q&A at this launch event? Open? Open.
10:55: 3rd party partners. EcoRio -- lets you track your carbon footprint. ShopSavvy. Take the G1, turn it into a barcode scanner, scans any good with the camera, looks it up on the internet, and finds competitive pricing. Mentions how it will help with the tanking economy. Heh.
10:54: Expect to see a continuous stream of innovation because it's open source. Showing everybody from dorm-room hackers to larger corporations.

10:52: 3rd parties will drive innovation and the future of the mobile internet. ANOTHER video?! Man, you guys are really worried about your ability to hold a stage presence. Video is about open source, interviewing several developers.
10:51: Video is done. Brodman asks for applause. Promise of open development environment and 3rd party developers. Again -- really glad to hear this stuff.
10:50: Android Market App store. Easy to download. Easy to sort with user ratings and reviews.

10:49: Browser time! Looks very close to a full desktop browser. On-screen controls for zoom -- not quite as elegant and multi-touch on the iPhone, but still pretty cool. Good tab support. Dedicated Google Search button -- nice! Google Search is location-aware too.
10:48: Compass mode: sweet! Street view that can move with you.
10:47: really terrific music player, long-press gives you related material on the MP3 store! Multi-tasks (take that, iPhone!). Showing keyboard, instant messaging. Type-to-find in contacts. Address book and map integration. Directions and traffic view. Full street view support.
10:46: New video. Touchscreen, swipe to different desktops. Long-press to open up a secondary menu. Easily pan, crop, frame, and add to home screen. You can drag and drop any application to your homescreen. Music -- showing the Amazon mp3 store with one-click ordering.
10:45: Time to actually talk about the device!

10:44: Just the teaser reel, they're letting people come forward to take photos.
10:43: showing a video. My GOD it's FAST. They are cutting to lots of features really REALLY quickly.
10:41: Talking about the importance of the Open Alliance and how 3rd parties help with the mobile internet. ok, finally, let's see it. PLEASE.
10:40: Cole Brodman back on the stage. Round of applause for these 4 guys. Brodman talking up need for applications that actually use the internet. "US Consumer over-consume everything, we love that about them."
10:40: Android is nimble, flexible, and powerful. A fundamental shift in how people can be shown the internet.
10:39: You need applications and content that introduce internet experience that people can really use and enjoy. HTC has worked closely with Google and T-Mobile to develop a unique, iconic design unlike anything else in the market.
10:38: Chou is the MAN, if you guys didn't know. He makes Steve Jobs look like un-creative when it comes to the mobile space. Seriously. Smart Man. He's going through the same motions as the previous guys, though, thanking everybody.
10:37: Andy Rubin takes the stage. Talking about Google being founded on the Internet. Developer will be able to use it as a platform, because it's openness a developer can modify the platform and make it better. It's "future proof" becuase it has openness built in. Peter Chou next!
10:36: "Committed to open industry platforms." God it's nice to hear that from a carrier exec and know that there's actually some TRUTH behind it!
10:35: History of T-Mobile as opening up the mobile internet. In 2005 they opened up first.. Hunh? I guess this means that we'll never see T-Zones again. Talking up T-Mo's $$ side (they are last, after all). Partnerships are important, expressing gratitude to Google and HTC.
10:33: World's first Android-based mobile phone. T-Mobile G1. Launching the same device simultaneously on both sides of the atlantic -- a first for T-Mo. "At the end of this very year"
10:32: Bringing on Christopher Schlepper, Andy Rubin, and Peter Chou. Christopher to start.
10:31: Promotional video... the entire plant. T-Mo CTIO Cole Brodman takes the stage. Need to connect to one another. Integration of cell phone and internet has failed us in the past, "we're here to today to change that. A new platform, a new device, a new set of services."
10:30: Seems like a perfect time for the live video stream of the event to go down. ...and there it goes.
10:29: oh boy oh boy! Are we gonna get going or what?
10:22: On the agenda: Cole Brodman, Chief Tech Officer for T-Mo, Christopher Schlaffer, from Deutsche Telekom, Andy Rubin of Google, and Peter Chou of HTC (Android Community)
10:17: still waiting. What's your most-hoped-for "I didn't expect that!" feature?
10:12: We're waiting, though the "BEEEEEEEEEEP" on the live feed is getting awfully annoying. Ah, here we go, now we have just plain music -- aggressive guitar rock, which doesn't really seem to be either Google's or T-Mobile's style. Ah, now it's generic elevator music.

Official: Amazon MP3 Store Preloaded On T-Mobile G1

Anything you can do, I can do better. That can very well be the motto for Android and the T-Mobile G1 towards the iPhone. You have a single, closed, make-it-yourself phone? We'll have hundreds of phones and our OS is open. An app store that requires a screening process? We have a market where anyone can sell. iTunes Wi-Fi Store? Well, we'll just partner up with the Amazon MP3 Store to offer our users DRM-Free Music directly from their T-Mobile G1 [Via Engadget].
Including an over-the-air option to download music is a key bullet point to hit with consumers. Choosing Amazon MP3, which we at AndroidCentral believe is a great music portal on par with the iTunes Store, makes it even better. 6 million DRM-free songs will be available to you once you get your T-Mobile G1. Songs are $0.89 and albums range $5.99-$9.99 and it will require Wi-Fi.
If good news like this is coming in today, we won't be able to contain ourselves.

Rumor: T-Mobile Considering Free Gmail for G1 Users?

It should come to no surprise to you guys that we love our Gmail here at AndroidCentral. Though it is certainly limited in some aspects, the potential and ongoing improvements is why we stick with it. So imagine our delight when we heard from FORTUNE that T-Mobile may be considering giving free G-Mail to G1 users? Meaning, no data plan necessary. Yeah, crazy right? A carrier offering something to their customers for free, hah!
But in a way, it kind of makes sense. We know that Gmail will be heavily integrated to Android (in fact, it looks like Android will require a Gmail account) and that having more users using Gmail means more eyes looking at Gmail's ads which means more money for Google, so it's not completely far-fetched.
But T-Mobile offering free Gmail to Android users when they charge $15 a month for the same feature to access e-mail on a Blackberry would seem like they'll lose out on money from in-house (Blackberry) switchers to Android. So mark this up as something that will more likely stay rumor than anything else. Money does make the world go around.
But then again..T-Mobile does need something daring like this to boost their customer base. We'll see in a few hours!

More Leaked Specs for T-Mobile G1, Very Interesting

Official T-Mobile G1 Product Pictures Leaked

Everyone who knows anything about Android knows that the big unveiling of the T-Mobile G1 and Android will happen tomorrow in New York City at 10:30 AM (EST). So what happens when a huge, highly anticipated event that will surely capture all the media's attention is scheduled? Leaks galore!
Engadget has uncovered what looks like the first official product shots of the T-Mobile G1 and though that 'chin' is still apparent, it looks A LOT better in black. From the product shots we can see that the whole Google Universe will be accessible via Android: Google Maps, Gmail, Gcal, and Youtube all get prominent icons. In a couple hours, we'll officially see what Android is all about.
After the jump, the rest of the product shots! is LIVE

Following up its appearance on T-Mobile's main website and the leaked product shots, we have official word that is live. In its current form, the site is bare and contains no official specs, pics, pricing, plans, etc. but we can at least officially confirm that the HTC Dream will go with the name T-Mobile G1 much like we predicted. Well, we didn't see it being called the 'T-Mobile G1 with Google' though.
Another interesting nugget is that the site has an "About 3G" tab which presumably will show T-Mobile's 3G coverage (or lack thereof). Tomorrow will be a big day for T-Mobile and its 3G rollout and G1 announcement will probably be the main attractions. Let's hope it all goes off without a hitch and we hear some good news!

HTC Dream No More, Call It The T-Mobile G1

Though we here at AndroidCentral really love the HTC Dream moniker (especially if it lives up to our dreams, har har) we're fairly certain that the device known as the HTC Dream will become the T-Mobile G1 when it's all said and done. We think. Hopefully.
Either way, here at AndroidCentral we'll be referring to it as the T-Mobile G1 until T-Mobile or Google says otherwise (which may be September 23rd) but until then, let there be no confusion. HTC Dream = T-Mobile G1. Cool?

HTC Dream Pops Up On T-Mobile's Site A Little Early

Well, look what we have here! The HTC Dream, the first Android Device, shows itself in all its glory (and slide keyboard) on T-Mobile's website (Via Gizmodo). The problem? Well, T-Mobile and Google have not officially announced anything regarding Android and the HTC Dream and won't until Sept 23 10:30 AM (EST) at the Android Event in New York City, NY. There isn't more information but we can see that it is black and it looks pretty darn good. We'll have much more information come Tuesday of next week.

T-Mobile Expanding 3G Coverage In Preparations for Android

So it's no secret that the HTC Dream will have 3G and that T-Mobile will be the exclusive carrier for the first Android Device-we all know that. We also do know that in its current shape, the 3G Coverage provided by T-Mobile is pitiful at best and nearly non-existent. Having just rolled out 3G in New York in May, T-Mobile has expanded to only a total of 13 cities since then: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio and San Diego.
When the HTC Dream is released (currently speculated as being mid-October), T-Mobile will have 3G coverage in 14 more cities for a total of 27 cities with T-Mobile 3G. In comparison, by that same timeframe AT&T will have 350 cities with 3G coverage and people still complain about the lack of 3G being available on AT&T's network.
The lucky new 14 cities are: Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Seattle all of which will get 3G by mid-october. And by the end of the year, six more cities will get 3G: Birmingham, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Memphis, and Tampa.
In other words, hurry up T-Mobile, the fate of Android's first impression lies with you.
[Via CNET]

CONFIRMED: Android Market, No App Checking from Google

Google has released details on Android Market, the Android application that allows easy access to other applications, in short--it's Android's version of the App Store. The version that will ship in Android 1.0 will be in beta which means it won't currently support paid applications but it certainly plans on it. Having an Android Market will make getting third party applications for Android so much easier and can really show off the versatility of Android.
Terming it 'market' instead of 'store' was a conscious decision on Google's part because it wants to keep things open for developers and not kick out applications with no discretion (ahem, Apple). What's crucial is that Google keep malicious software out of Android Market or this free market might turn into a swap meet of malware

Gizmondo to Run Android

Well we guess Google wasn't lying when they said Android will be able to run on any device that wants it because we have word (Via Gizmodo) that the Gizmondo 2, the follow up to the underwhelming original Gizmondo, will have the option to run Android. Cool huh?

This shows the versatility of Android and how it can easily adapt to each platform. Though the Gizmondo isn't really relevant in terms of pushing the Android OS forward, its still puts Android in more hands. Hopefully we'll see more from this front in the coming months.

HTC Dream Pricing: $199 and Cheap Data

Google Shows Off Android in a Video Presentation in London

At Google's Developer Day over in London, Google seemed to show off a very complete-looking version of Android and a device that looks eerily similar to the HTC Dream. WIth the scheduled T-Mobile event to jump off September 23rd, I think it's safe to say that what we see in this video is pretty much what we'll see at the vent.
The actual device details were 'taped up' according to the video so we can't know for sure but Android is looking better and better by the day. Click the Read Link for the full video to see some basic Android UI and what 2 hours of development can create.

T-Mobile & Google Releasing Details About Android September 23rd, It's Official

So it looks like this Android thing is really ready to jump off. We have an official report from T-Mobile tha
t they will host an Android-centric Event on September 23rd at 10:30 AM. This is what we've been waiting for folks, what can we expect? The official specs of the HTC Dream, the release date, pricing information, and a full tour of Android 1.0 isn't asking for too much is it?
The invite itself includes peeks of Google Maps, Street View, and 3G. Hopefully, T-Mobile will announce a widespread 3G rollout and GPS turn-by-turn directions for the HTC Dream. Either way, September 23rd is not too far off and the event is sure to be amazing. Keep checking Android Central for the latest updates on the HTC Dream and Android!

HTC Expects to Sell 700,000 HTC Dreams THIS Year

According to a report from the WSJ, HTC expects themselves to be able to sell 600,000 to 700,000 HTC Dream devices THIS year. Third party analysts had pegged the Dream to be able to sell 300,000 units, maybe 500,000 tops. So we're talking big expectations here.
We at AndroidCentral can't imagine HTC pulling this off considering how few concrete details are currently available about the HTC Dream. Plus, T-Mobile is the smallest wireless operator in the USA and the expected launch date is the END of OCTOBER. 700,000 units in 2 months of work? That's overshooting it a bit.
But then again, if HTC manages to pull through..we'll be the first ones to apologize for doubting them.

WSJ Says HTC Dream to Launch Late October

Another day, another rumored release date for the much anticipated HTC Dream. Our previous report of a September 23rd release date has now been replaced by a WSJ report claiming that the actual release date will be closer to "late October". Which makes a wee bit more sense, that September 23rd deadline was right around the corner.

Google Chrome Coming to Android?

If you've been living under a rock, been on vacation for the past month, or completely ignore tech news, you've might have missed that Google released a browser called Chrome. We'll spare you the details of why Chrome is a key component in the Google Plan and leave you with an interesting nugget from CNET that Google co-founder Sergey Brin is expecting Chrome to make its way over to Android.
Though they were developed separately, Brin expects Android to take advantage of Chrome:
"Probably a subsequent version of Android is going to pick up a lot of the Chrome stack," Brin said, pointing to JavaScript improvements as one area.
Both Chrome and the Android Browser are based off WebKit so it doesn't seem like quite a stretch. I guess we'll see in the future when Chrome comes over to Android.

HTC Dream to Launch September 23rd ?

We have news from Reuters (via Gizmodo) that the HTC Dream, yep the first Android Device, will launch and hit stores on September 23rd. Sources familiar with the matter say:
"T-Mobile and Google will be making an announcement this month in New York City," two people told Reuters on Wednesday, adding Sept 23 was a likely date for the announcement.
Wow. That does fall in line with recent speculation but that means the Android Device will come within a week from today! Now that's exciting stuff.

Android 1.0 to Lack Full Featured Bluetooth, Google Talk

Some sad news for those hoping for full featured Android Devices by the end of the year: Android 1.0, the version that will ship with the HTC Dream is going to be missing GoogleTalk and some key features regarding Bluetooth such as sending files between bluetooth devices.
In the Android Developers Blog, Dan Morrill explains why, citing an incomplete Bluetooth API that simply won't be ready for Android 1.0. Regarding Google Talk, it lacks the security features to be seriously considered at this point. Luckily, the guys at Android are still working on implementing these features and we will probably see them in future Android iterations, just not 1.0.

Look No Further: This IS the ACTUAL HTC Dream, Real Live Pics of First Android Device

So here it is folks! The HTC Dream! We've caught the HTC Dream out in the wild (via Engadget)! And in the wild we mean up against leopard skin print and bad lighting. From these pictures, we can decipher that everything looks quite...spacious. The keyboard seems adequate, the home buttons are plentiful, and it seems to include a cross between a four-direction arrow and a trackball.
Obviously, there are some harsh lines due to the separation of screen and 'chin' that may dissuade consumers from buying it but I think it looks like a powerful device and falls in line with what HTC likes to do. And let's be honest here, the HTC Dream is only exciting because of the software (Android) and not the looks of it. This is the best device to launch Android with because of its inclusions of so many different mechanisms.
In other words, congratulations HTC Dream, you are the perfect guinea pig!
Read On For The Rest Of The Pictures!

HTC Dream Rendered By Artist, Looks Sweet!

Tired of all the engineering renderings? Sick of the blueprint-esque diagrams? Yeah, we are too. Luckily, we have the talented artist Neo Carlo Magno from to show us what an "actual" HTC Dream will look like given the current information. Also, they've dug up a bunch of new specs that are worth a mention:
  • Includes a trackball (the rendering doesn't show this)
  • Dedicated Camera Button (a great bonus!)
  • MMS
  • Built In Compass

It looks like the HTC Dream will certainly be a dreamy device. Sorry, I couldn't help myself

HTC Dream Rendering Highlighted Features

Over at Android Community, they took the previous engineering renderings of the HTC Dream and highlighted every key feature that could be determined. Some new nuggets of information is that the HTC Dream is assumed to be 16.35mm, which is decent considering the iPhone is around 12.3 mm thick and the HTC Dream includes a slide out keyboard.

Obviously, with all these moving parts: a slide out keyboard, a strong chin, touchscreen, etc, it looks like it will certainly take time before case makers make a stylish and functional case. Unlike other phones which are typically one slab and that's it, it looks like the HTC Dream is going to be a wee bit more complicated than just that. We'll soon see!

HTC Dream Leaked Specs

So we've covered the hardware aspect of the HTC Dream now we're getting news of the specs that'll drive the device that'll power up Android (via Gizmodo). Here's what it looks like:
  • 3.17" screen with 480x320 resolution
  • 528 Mhz CPU
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 3.1 Megapixel Camera, no flash
  • 3G, Quad-Band GSM
  • MicroSD Slot
Overall, everything seems to be fairly solid. The only concern we have is the (little) amount of RAM, but there have been reports that the RAM may be anywhere from 128MB - 256 MB, so this may not be the final spec sheet. The HTC Dream is shaping up to becoming quite a competitive device and with the potential of Android, we'll be looking at a stellar phone. Let's hope it stays on track and the specs get even better!

HTC Dream Engineering Drawings, Has Huge 'Chin'

We're getting more and more details about the HTC Dream, the purported first Android Device, and it's looking pretty good. As you can see in this rendering of the HTC Dream (via AndroidGuys), a full slide out QWERTY keyboard is included a long with a few standard 'home' buttons. The big screen is reportedly a touch screen so the HTC Dream looks to be a highly versatile device.
In these engineering pictures, the device looks like it curves up in the 'chin' area which we're not positive would feel comfortable in your pocket. Also, the thickness is a bit ambiguous at this point because we have nothing to compare it to. So though there is some concern, all in all, the HTC Dream is shaping out to be a solid looking device.

HTC Dream Starts Pre-Sales September 17th?

The rumors of a delayed Android have been debunked by a newer rumor that the HTC Dream, the purported first Android Device, will be available for pre-order on September 17th. As in only a skip and hop away September 17th. The details from TmoNews state that the presale is only for current T-Mobile customers who will have to pay (a measly) $150 to own the latest and greatest phone on the market. New Activations are currently unknown, TmoNews expects those folks to have to wait for the national release (around October).
Though this rumor may be true, one of the odd nuggets is that activation requires a Gmail Account (wha!?). We at Android Central don't see how that ties in.
Photo Credit: Android Authority

T-Mobile to Launch First Android Device

T-Mobile announced that it plans to release the first phone using the Android Operating System. And according to the NYT, they're aiming to release it before Christmas and may even unveil it as early as October. The device, rumored to be the HTC Dream, will have a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard. Obviously, the comparison, head to heads, and battles will soon begin with that other touchscreen device.

It makes perfect sense for T-Mobile to take a chance on Android. In the US, T-Mobile is lagging in as the 4th biggest operator and needs to make one of those high-risk, high-reward type gambles to improve their position. Android is exactly that.

FCC Approves HTC Dream, Android On Track

We're ever so thankful that all these gadgets and devices that we love have to go through the FCC for
approval. Why? Well, because the FCC allows us to access all of the top secret information! Case in point, the HTC Dream, rumored to be the first Android Phone, has just received FCC approval (Via Engadget).

 The model number is listed as DREA100 and it looks to have all the typical goodies- 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/1900 and WCDMA 1700.

0.9 Android SDK Released, Looks A LOT Better

We had previously reported on the much maligned, original Android SDK which could only be seen as a step in the right direction. Luckily, after months of silence from Google, the Android SDK is now in 0.9 and includes a complete overhaul of the user interface.

From the looks of it, Android is looking closer and closer to becoming a reality and a lot of the features look fun to use, if not useful. I'm eager to get my hands on an actual Android device but for now the screenshots, video, and SDK will have to do. Gizmodo has a great video introduction to the 0.9 Android SDK, feel free to check it out!

Developers: First Android SDK, Not So Friendly

From Ars Technica, we have reports that Androids first SDK was severely limited and well, not that great. The foundation is "highly promising" but in its current shape, the Android SDK is not equipped to handle the scope of what Google wants Android to become.

Developers are facing basic issues such as the lack of documentation since the API doesn't provide enough information, no public issue-tracking system, and even the User Interface had some quirks. Of course, we won't even begin to mention the bugs. But either way, it's still relatively early in the game for Android and the more important thing to note is that people are still getting familiar with it.

Andy Rubin Demos Android Features in a Tutorial

Andy Rubin, also known as the head honcho of all things Android over at Google gives a quick demo of
 Android to BBC and well, it looks pretty darn cool. The two noteworthy items shown are obviously Google Maps Street View and Quake, both of which run very well. Even though the prototype phone is running at 300 MHz, it still manages to be fairly smooth. Obviously, at this point Android is still rough around the edges but the potential is obvious. Click the Read Link for the Video!

What do you guys think? 

Google Publishes New Android Roadmap

For months, Google stayed mum on all things Android. Developers were beginning to wonder how 'open' Android was really going to be and with no updates to the Android SDK how could we blame them? Luckily, Google became aware of the situation and published an Android roadmap that detailed the plan that will lead to launch of 1.0.
The Current Android Timeline:
  • 12 November, 2007 - "Early Look" SDK released
  • January to August, 2008 - Android Developer Challenge I
  • 18 August, 2008 - Android 0.9 SDK beta released
  • September 2008 - additional Android 1.0 (pre) SDK releases made available, as necessary
  • Q3 - Q4 2008 - Android 1.0 SDK release 1 available (first actual 1.0-compatible SDK)
  • Q4 2008 - Android 1.0 devices available at retail
  • Q4 2008 - Source code released
  • Q4 2008 - Key Announcement on Android Developer Challenge II