Saturday, 8 February 2014

Amazon Gold Box Discounts Transcend MicroSD Cards: 16GB For $10, 32GB For $17, 64GB For $35

The MicroSD card slot seems to be a dying feature on later Android phones (at Google's insistence, no less), but those of you who still have one will want to check out Amazon's daily Gold Box deals today. Among an appreciable smattering of other Transcend flash storage deals, the site has three great prices for MicroSD cards starting at just ten bucks. 

On the lowest tier we've got a Transcend 16GB MicroSD card for ten bucks. You're unlikely to find a price that low at a brick and mortar retailer, especially since this is the very speedy Class 10 UHS-1 standard, which will be useful for gamers and media enthusiasts who store their apps on external storage. Moving up a bit, there's the 32GB version of the same Transcend card for just $16.99, a $6 saving, and a massive 64GB version for $34.99, a full 30% off the regular price. Make sure your device is compatible with the SDXC standard for that one.
There are plenty of deals to be had on today's Gold Box page even if you're not looking for a stocking stuffer for your Android gadgets. Standard SD cards and Compact Flash cards are available for shutterbugs, there's a pretty great deal on a 256GB SSD for system builders, and USB 3.0 flash drives are going for practically peanuts. If you want to get in on any of these deals, hurry: Amazon's Gold Box prices are only for one day, and they're also limited by stock and tend to go quickly.
Source: Amazon Gold Box

Google Play Store Now Gives Better Visibility To Tablet-Optimized Apps '

The changes to the Play Store we mentioned last month seem to have taken effect. Now when you're checking out apps on an Android tablet, the home page and the tabs for "Top Paid," "Top Free" and the like will only highlight apps designed for use on tablets, at least by default. If you search for a non-optimized app manually, the full listing will use a "designed for phones" tag.

Check out these screenshots. Here's a DROID MAXX browsing the Play Store's home page, and a quick look at one of the featured apps, Cluster.
2013-11-22 07.18.28 2013-11-22 07.22.59
Now the same view on a Nexus 7 2013. Notice that Cluster is missing. After searching for cluster and manually bringing up the listing, you can see the "designed for phones" tag of shame right under the developer field.
2013-11-22 13.19.16 2013-11-22 13.19.35
If you'd prefer that the top lists to be unfiltered on your tablet, just select "all apps" from the drop-down menu, like so. Manual search results are not filtered.
2013-11-22 13.28.24
This is perhaps the most dramatic step Google has taken to improve the discovery process for tablet apps, going above and beyond some of their more subtle efforts. That being said, this isn't any kind of curated list: "tablet apps" are automatically sorted by Google based on a number of factors, including API support, screen resolution and size support, and tablet screenshots in the app description. So some apps that are merely functional on tablets, as opposed to "tablet-optimized," may slip through the cracks or purposefully avoid the tag.
2013-11-22 13.42.39
Developers, if you want to avoid getting the "designed for phones" tag applied to your Play Store page, Google has some tips over at the Android developers blog. For everyone else, the changes should be appearing automatically in the Play Store on your tablet.

Here Are The Manual Update Links For The Last Nexus Devices To Get KitKat OTAs

Hooray! Shortly after the Nexus 4 OTA zip link was finally discovered, we can now say the same about both data-connected Nexus 7s - the 2012 3G edition and the 2013 LTE. These are the last devices we didn't have manual update links for, so now it's safe to say that the KitKat Nexus rollout has been fully completed.
As to not repeat the same flashing instructions, I'm going to direct the 2012 3G owners to this post and 2013 LTE owners to this one. Just download the correct files below, and you should be good to go.


2012 Nexus 7 3G:
2013 Nexus 7 LTE:
And for completeness, here are the updated N7 Wi-Fi links.
2013 Nexus 7 Wi-Fi:
2012 Nexus 7 Wi-Fi:
Image via Dave Rowley

Hunger Games: Panem Run, Polarity, Flick Kick Football Legends, And Tic Tactics

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got a licensed Hunger Games, uh, game, a Portal-style first person puzzler, a classic take on a casual favorite, and a stylish 2D puzzle game. without further ado:

Hunger Games: Panem Run

In case you hadn't heard, the second Hunger Games movie comes out tomorrow. A Temple Run clone isn't the worst movie tie-in I've seen lately - that dubious distinction goes to the Hunger Games Subway sandwich - but it's safe to say that this is for fans only. Even so, graphics are passable and it's more than just running and jumping: you'll use Katniss' bow and arrow skills for extra points, and you can unlock alternate characters.
Unrest is afoot in the Districts, and you’re in the thick of it in this social endless runner!Build hope for the oppressed by running through three of the 12 Districts in randomly generated levels, with more Districts becoming available soon!Collect sparks and materials that can be synthesized as power-ups and participate in a global-wide competition to achieve the #1 position!
unnamed (9) unnamed (10) unnamed (11)

Hunger Games: Panem Run
42,179 ratings
by Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
1,000,000 - 5,000,000 downloads
Appears in a list of Top Games


The Portal influence in Polarity is hard to deny, but this first-person puzzle game has another interesting pedigree. It's a mobile version of a game originally intended for the Oculus Rift, so immersion is a definite goal. Those who enjoy physics puzzles and perspective shifts should be right at home, but if you're looking for complex scenery or twitchy action gameplay, you'd best look somewhere else.
Welcome to Polarity, a first person puzzling adventure allowing you to experience the thrill of hacking into a super secure virtual bank. You'll solve mind bending puzzles by running, jumping throwing and inverting your way into the heart of the system to steal data for your clients.
*Become a hacker!
*Immersive first person gameplay.
*Awesome HD graphics.
*Intriguing storyline.
*Complex, clear and clever puzzles.
unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

39 ratings
by Bluebutton Games
100 - 500 downloads
Appears in a list of SGD's Indie Games Feed

Flick Kick Football Legends

Flick Kick has earned a lot of fans both among soccer (fine, football) fanatics and casual gamers. This new entry in the series is aimed squarely at the former, with an art style reminiscent of an old-timey comic book and a team full of memorable characters. You're not just shooting either - this edition of the game is more like a story-driven series of compartmentalized mini-games.
Flick Kick Football Legends brings Flick Kick to all new heights with more diverse onfield gameplay, team building and management, and a multi-level league structure. Packaged in a vibrant comic inspired style filled with lively characters, quirky scenarios and rich animation, you will guide your team towards a highly sought after championship win to achieve legendary status.
unnamed (5) unnamed (6) unnamed (7) unnamed (12)

Flick Kick Football Legends
61,593 ratings
500,000 - 1,000,000 downloads
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Tic Tactics

Tic Tac Toe might not seem like the most cerebral game around, but multiply the playing field by nine and it suddenly becomes a lot more strategic. Tic Tactics mixes the situational awareness of Sudoku and the give-and-take multiplayer of Go for an interesting spin on established board games. Single player, online turn-based multiplayer with matchmaking, and hot potato local multiplayer means that you'll always have a game waiting for you.
A classic reborn! Tic Tactics is a turn-based multiplayer game that’s easy to learn but challenging to master! If you know how to play Tic Tac Toe, you already know how to play Tic Tactics. The twist is that YOU DECIDE precisely where to send your opponent with every turn. You’ll be amazed by the strategic depth that awaits! Challenge friends and strangers to increase your rank and become the ultimate Tic Tactician!
unnamed (14) unnamed (15) unnamed (17)

Tic Tactics
Tic Tactics
9,467 ratings
by Hidden Variable Studios
100,000 - 500,000 downloads
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Be sure to check out our gaming coverage from earlier today:

The Nexus 4 Finally Gets 4.4 - Here's How You Can Flash The KitKat KRT16S OTA Manually

Good news, everyone! The coveted Nexus 4 OTA to Android 4.4 is finally here after a brief delay caused by several serious bugs. It started rolling out very slowly a few days ago, but it wasn't until just now that we were able to finally identify the OTA zip urls for those of you who want to flash KitKat manually without having to wait any longer. No need to mash the Check for updates button over and over - let alone it doesn't actually do anything.
So grab and flash the 239MB KRT16S Android 4.4 OTA right now, no matter what your rooting/bootloader situation is. Of course, if you've modified the system partition in such a way that the OTA won't apply cleanly anymore, you have to either revert those changes and try again or flash the factory image.
The latest Nova Launcher beta enables transparency and works like a charm:
Screenshot_2013-11-21-13-21-33 Screenshot_2013-11-21-13-22-01
You can also grab The Google Experience Launcher With Translucent Bars And Google Now [APK Download] if you so fancy.

Disclaimer: Android Police isn't responsible for any harm to your device - proceed at your own risk.


In order to complete the steps below, you need to have the Android SDK installed. The SDK contains the latest version of adb and fastboot, which you will need for flashing. You will also need a MicroUSB cable to execute adb sideload, fastboot flash, and other commands. You don't need a USB cable if you're just planning to download the OTA zip directly to your device and flash it using a custom recovery.
You must be running Android 4.3 JWR66Y or Android 4.4 KRT16O for this OTA to work.


Download the 239MB OTA zip signed-occam-KRT16S-from-JWR66Y:
Or if you already got the first OTA to KRT16O, grab the 9MB zip signed-occam-KRT16S-from-KRT16O:


Note: This method, just like the native OTA update procedure, does not wipe your data, and your bootloader does not need to be unlocked. You should be able to use either the stock recovery or a custom one.
adb sideload the zip you downloaded above by following my earlier guide here. If something fails, try to fix it by restoring the system files you've changed or use the factory image.
Here's what you should expect to see if you're using the fine TWRP recovery:

And now that you've flashed yourself some KitKat, go read up on what's new and enjoy! Oh, and hopefully, this update fixes the nasty wireless charging bug too.


Rooting a Nexus 4 is very easy but requires an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery. I recommend using TWRP.
  1. Flash TWRP from here (fastboot flash recovery FILENAME.img).
  2. Reboot into recovery (adb reboot recovery or hold Power+VolDn, then select Recovery).
  3. Flash the latest version of SuperSU.
  4. You should be rooted.
Screenshot_2013-11-21-13-31-16 Screenshot_2013-11-21-13-31-06

FlightTrack 5 Is A Complete Redesign Of The Travel App With Real Time Alerts

FlightTrack is not a newcomer to Android, but this particular version of the app is. FlightTrack 5 is a totally redesigned experience that's being released in time to celebrate the developer's fifth anniversary. You can join in on the festivities by taking advantage of the introductory sale price for FlightTrack 5.
1 2 3
This app is designed to help you survive the horror of air travel. FlightTrack 5 does pretty much what the name says – it tracks flights and offers real time alerts whenever anything changes. You can also add multiple travelers who are on different flights, and keep tabs on who is departing and arriving at what time. The map view will show you live flight path data when available, and will overlay weather information. FlightTrack 5 is compatible with 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide.
 5 6
7 8
The Android version of the app includes a few nifty extras including sharing trips via NFC, a Dashclock extension, homescreen widget, and a live wallpaper. The app's design also looks pretty nice. You can pick up FlighTrack 5 for $2.99 before the end of the month. After that is goes up to $4.99.

FlightTrack 5
FlightTrack 5
356 ratings
by Mobiata
5,000 - 10,000 downloads
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Verizon's HTC One Max Available Today For $300 And Two Years Of Your Life

If you like massive phones, fingerprint scanners, HTC, and Verizon, today might just be the luckiest day of your life. Why is that, you ask? I'll tell you why! Because the massive HTC One Max is now available on Big Red. See, dreams really do come true.
But let's say you're not the huge-phone-fingerprint-scanner-HTC-Verizon-loving type. Let's say you have no idea what the One Max is. No problem, let's just clear that up right now.

The One Max is HTC's try at a big ol' phone, coming in with a 5.9-inch screen. Stylistically it looks like a stretched-out HTC One, which includes BOOMSOUND (aka front-facing speakers); however, HTC also cut some corners and took out some of the things that make the One special, like the OIS camera, for example. The Max just has a regular 4UP (UltraPixel) camera. Bummer. However, it does have a nifty fingerprint scanner that scans your fingerprints because reasons, so that's something.
If the One Max sounds like a dream trapped inside a cell phone to you, you can head on over to your local Verizon and pick one up for three Benjamins ($300) with a two-year agreement. Or, you could just stay comfortable at your computer and order one from here. They'll even send it to you! See? Like a pillow, Verizon really is there to support you