Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Adobe Revel Comes To The Play Store To Provide Adobe Flavored Photo Sharing

If you're entrenched in Adobe's creative ecosystem, or just want to try a new photo editing and storage solution for your mobile devices, you may be interested to learn that the company has brought an official Revel app to the Play Store.
Before discussing the app, it would be prudent to remind readers that Adobe Revel works on a plan system with free and paid options - for free, you get unlimited photo and video imports for 30 days. After that you're limited to 50 total imports per month. For $5.99 per month, you unlock unlimited imports. Those interested in finding out more can check out Adobe's official Revel site.
Adobe pitches the Revel app as the latest extension of the service, which is reaching Android for the first time (excluding of course Adobe's Revel Importer app). The service, for those unaware, is essentially a cloud photo backup and storage platform. The app adds minor photo edits to this (think filters, cropping, and red-eye removal), and touts Revel's collaborative prowess, inviting users to share with family members, encourage relatives to share their own photos, or automatically sharing daily moments with simple settings. All of this, of course, is done securely.
The app also plays nice with Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12, allowing for expanded editing in those programs and easier importing of results into your Revel library. Revel might be worth a look from anyone who hasn't already landed on a photo storage solution, but the limit on free accounts doesn't really foster the kind of free-flowing photo collaboration Adobe touts, so it may not be an appealing solution for everyone.
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Adobe Revel
Adobe Revel
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Play Store TV Shows Go Live In The Australian

Big news down under – Australia has become only the fourth country to get access to TV shows through the Play Store. This will give you Australian folks one more thing to do instead of going outside. Really, why would you want to go out there? The country seems to be crawling with poisonous... umm... everything. I kid (mostly).
Our Australian friends will get a selection of international and local content, all priced in Aussie-bucks. Videos can be watched on a computer or via your Android device, where you can also pin for offline viewing.
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Ouya Confirms Ouya Everywhere Program, Will Embed Its Platform In More Devices

There were rumblings earlier this week about something called 'Ouya Everywhere.' You can take a guess at what that entails just based on the name, and you'd probably be pretty close. Ouya boss Julie Uhrman has now confirmed Ouya Everywhere is about expanding the platform beyond that one little cube.
Details are extremely limited right now. The confirmation on Ouya Everywhere only came at the end of a blog post about recent efforts to beef up the Ouya's games and software. What we do know is that Ouya has some partners lined up for the Ouya Everywhere initiative, so you might be seeing the Ouya store in more devices. We don't know what kind of devices, though. Other micro-consoles? Phones? Hardware specifics will probably figure in.
Uhrman clarified that Ouya plans to continue making its own hardware going forward, but there's nothing concrete on that front. The Ouya came out last June, and the company did say there would be yearly hardware revisions. If Ouya is doing as well as hoped, it shouldn't be too long until we get more information about both sides of its gaming ventures.

win RAR Official For Android Arrives To Archive All The Things

Too many files? No problem – RAR them. You can do that now that there's an official RAR app on Android. This is a fabulously useful app on Windows, where it costs cash money. On Android, it appears to be completely free.
The RAR app for Android lets you create ZIP and RAR archives, but you can unpack RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ archives. There are also options to repair damaged archives and it supports encryption for creating and unpacking archives. It even comes with device benchmarking.
The app isn't particularly lovely, but it follows the Android design guidelines with a minimum of clutter. There's a holo light theme that looks a little more modern, in my opinion. It's definitely something to look into on the basis of features alone.

RAR for Android
RAR for Android
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Kingston Joins The Dual USB/MicroUSB Flash Drive Craze With Its Own DataTraveler MicroDuo

It wasn't too long ago that I would have thought of a dual USB/MicroUSB flash drive as a dream accessory. Now the landscape has changed so quickly, I'm nearly embarrassed that I have yet to buy one. When we first heard about the Leef Bridge Dual-USB/MicroUSB flash drive, the idea was still novel enough that its quirky name wasn't off-putting. Since then the more traditional players have jumped into the ring, with SanDisk and Sony both coming out with their own drives. Now add Kingston's name to that list. Its DataTraveler microDuo is available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB doses.
One side of the flash drive can plug into your PC while the other goes into your phone (though not at the same time). This allows you to move files between devices without having to rely on an internet connection, even if your handset doesn't have a microSD card slot. Your phone will still need to run Android 4.0 or higher and have USB OTG support in order to enjoy the gadget, so before you run out to get one, be sure to hit up this compatibility list beforehand.
Kingston DataTraveler microDuo
Source: Kingston Press Release